Why is it so frustrating being a diabetic?


Diabetic Frustration

So I get this question all the time period why can’t I see a great improvement in my blood sugar levels even when I’m eating what I’m supposed to eat and doing what I’m supposed to do. Trust me I fully understand. This happens to be one of the most frustrating diseases to understand because most people think the Justice they watch their diet or the exercise for stay away from carbs and sweets that that is going to answer all their questions. Honestly the truth is that has little to do with your blood sugar numbers and why your numbers keep going up-and-down.

Diabetic Frustration Patient

I remember I had a patient once they came to me who ate organic healthy foods from places like Whole Foods and trader Joe’s was somewhat of a health fanatic by going to the gym all the time yet still was unable to improve their blood sugar levels and see any major changes in their A1C or their diabetes. When that patient went to their doctor they would get the same suggestions such as watch what you eat go exercise make sure she behaves and in spite of all of that they still didn’t see a radical improvement in their numbers.

When I met them my biggest challenge was how willing is this patient to change what they’ve been doing and learning and applying over the last number of years. It’s an issue for me because if they’re not willing to make changes how do I help them so they must be really coachable in order to see improvements. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret of how I help this patient and hopefully it’s something you could apply to your diabetes and to see improvements with your health.

What I did was I actually ran a large series of test some of those testing he bloodwork Some of it included saliva testing and still testing and let me tell you what I found was so obvious that it was the turning point for this overall health where she saw major changes and improvements for the 1st time ever on her die there were so many things that was missed by her doctor.

Her doctors a good doctor is just that unfortunately in our health care system they don’t dig deep enough to figure out with a real cause of the problem is and that’s my best tip of advice make sure when you see your doctor they’re really running very thorough testing beyond 56 testing that they run on your routine visit diabetes is a very complicated disease so basic testing just doesn’t go deep enough to really figuring out what’s triggering your blood sugars museum would be if you could just figure out what your blood sugar issues are and then get on a protocol to fix it getting on a simple plan a step-by-step plan that will actually improve your blood chemistry and in many cases reverse or diabetes that will look like you waking up every morning and your blood sugar levels look normal during the day your energy stable and you’re not crashing at 3 o’clock.

It would feel nice to not be a diabetic it would also be nice going to your doctor and then saying boy can’t believe how well you’re doing I’ll see you back here in 6 months and right now you don’t need medication. This is what I hope for every diabetic in the entire country. If you’d like more information on how to reverse your diabetes please leave a comment below.


By Dr. Jonathan Spages

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