It is Too Good to True, but you can Reverse Diabetes

Reverse Diabetes
It is Too Good to True, but you can Reverse Diabetes


Reverse Diabetes is a disease that transpires when blood sugar is far above the normal level. This happens when insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas and does not get the glucose from food to body cells. When this does not happen, due to low production of insulin and the blood sugar piles. It becomes harmful in the body, and that is how diabetes occurs in the human body.

What is Diabetes?

Glucose is the main source of energy to the body. However, Fats and muscles get burnt to give an alternative source as insulin becomes insufficient. This leads to drastic weight loss hence the first symptom of the disease. Though this has always been possible to reverse if detected early enough. Sudden weight loss is an sign of diabetes that occurs irregularly.

More Facts about Diabetes

It is a fact; an individual can reverse diabetes within a short time through diet and psychological wellness. It should not be a source of discomfort to your life. Diabetes is not a death sentence. It is true Diabetes is an epidemic of late but you can get a solution in reversing it. Dr. Jonathan’s pages offer you tips worth spending your time to read on how to reverse diabetes.

Types of Diabetes                

There are several types of diabetes but the most common ones are two.  Type 1(one) diabetes and type 2(two) diabetes. Diabetes type 1 is the most dangerous. It is dangerous diabetes because it leads to fatal conditions. Complications like kidney failure, nerve damage, amputation, blindness, and death. It is sometimes almost impossible to reverse diabetes type 1. Diabetes type 2 should not be a worry as the former. It is to easy to control diabetes and it is preventable. If you are diagnosed with it, it is imperative to start on the rules meant to reverse diabetes type 2.Keep reading Dr. Jonathan’s pages for more information on how to prevent and reverse diabetes.



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