How a truck driver reverse diabetes

truck driver reverse diabetes


Diabetes the first thing I let him know and really good advice for you as well is that he really needs to make his health is number one priority. But him coming to see me I knew he was ready to take on reversing diabetes. I usually tell people that they have to find something that is very motivating to them it could be a loved one could be a goal to give you something that is really important that they would do practically anything to achieve it. Number two he also had a now go and create a lifestyle that was going to allow him to become healthier. We all knew being a truck driver wasn’t that lifestyle. so we had a couple options the first thing is we could have him quit his job which wasn’t the best option or we can make it that his truck could become a much healthier environment. the first thing I mentioned to him that you should do is to start playing more positive music and maybe listen to audiobooks so he’s actually being productive while he’s on his road trip to a far-off place. the second thing that I told him to start working on was to prepare his food prior to taking any long trips. I had a vest about $80 into really good refrigeration and Tupperware so that he can keep food fresh and have plenty of food while on the trip. not a challenge we had was for him and fortunately he didn’t know how did not know how to cook. so we thought of a good solution where he would go to a healthy restaurant and angel food for that meal and a bunch of platters to take and put in his Refrigeration in his truck. I also made them for the third thing at every truck stop make sure he took a longer truck break when he got his gasoline and had bathroom breaks and to do some walking which gave him now more exercise that he didn’t have before. you see the trick to reversing diabetes is getting into an environment or creating an environment in order to get better. the next thing we did with him was set him up on supplement & vitamin protocols that I discovered where need it after we’ve gotten his lab work. Because I practice functional medicine and look to the root cause of health problems we work to balance things out once we find them in the very comprehensive lab testing we run in order to help our patients. after only a few weeks this patient lost tremendous amounts of weight his stress level went way down his inflammation and his body went down and needless to say his blood sugar cholesterol and blood pressure also improved. You see reversing diabetes sometimes is about planning and having a really good strategy.

 if you want to find out what you can do about reversing diabetes send me an email with any questions you may have and near my team will get back to you right away. I’ve also included other articles that truck drivers may be interested in for reversing diabetes.

By Dr. Jonathan Spages

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