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The Integrated Health Center in New Jersey run by Dr. Jonathan Spages is leveraging on the latest revolutionary treatments to help people reduce their extra weight naturally and safely. Dr. Jonathan Spages has expert knowledge on the minimally invasive weight loss treatments like the Lipo light and Cool Sculpting. These treatments are fast becoming the preference of individuals looking for fat removal because they are less invasive unlike conventional surgical methods of weight loss. Seeing the tremendous popularity of these techniques, Dr. Jonathan Spages decided to include them in his treatments. As a renowned weight loss center in NJ, these treatments are done under the supervision of trained and experienced medical professionals so that it brings the desired results for patients.

Dr. Jonathan Spages also believes that a healthy weight is necessary for a healthy body and therefore he has incorporated these techniques into his center to give people the right direction in weight loss. These treatments help to reshape the shape of an individual without any problematic medical procedures. Before recommending these treatments, the physical condition of the patients is evaluated to see if they are qualified for these fat removal procedures. Based on the health of the patients the physicians will determine the areas where a person needs to remove fat and then further the method will be administered.

Lipo light is a slimming technique that utilizes the power of LED power therapy to reduce the extra fat in different areas of the body such as thighs, hips, waist, and legs and the arms. It helps even to tone the different regions of the body where an individual tries to lose weight. This Lipo Body Contouring is an innovative and safe body contouring technique through which a person can get rid of extra fat naturally in a fast and effective manner.

Coolsculpting is another beautiful invention in the field of natural weight loss process. It can be called a fat freezing technique whereby a device is used to release a controlled cooling temperature in the targeted body parts to a freezing point. Gradually the body’s natural cleaning system will eliminate the damaged cells, and thus the person will attain weight loss naturally. Research has proved that it can reduce as much as 20 percent of body fat. Some may need to undergo multiple session of treatment, and the physician will decide this. The results are evident in a few weeks of the procedure.

It is said that a cold temperature releases the localized body fats and accurately distribute them. It is also noninvasive and free from harmful side effects. What is important is that the results are impressive with both the treatments. The recovery time is faster under both the processes and a person can resume activities almost immediately. No incision or anesthesia is required in the process, and one can expect a considerable amount of fat reduction through these processes.

Dr. Jonathan Spages says that he is delighted to be able to incorporate these treatments into his center that gives innovative fat removal ways in a wholly natural and peaceful manner.

About the Integrated Health Centre in New Jersey

Dr. Jonathan Spages is an expert in Functional medicine or alternative medicine, and he believes in offering the line of treatment after identifying the root causes of chronic illnesses. He has vast knowledge in examining the various physiological, hormonal and biochemical irregularities associated with type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism and other chronic diseases that cause weight gain in individuals. He believes in offering personalized care to individuals suffering from an extra weight problem. Anyone seeking a quality and reliable weight loss plan can schedule a consultation with him at 973-523-5252.

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