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The human body is prone to fall ill and develop diseases. Caused due to external as well internal dysfunction, a diseased part of the body not only causes distress to the affected part or organ system it also influences the overall health of the body. The conventional method of treating diseases involves administering medicines and drugs and also performing surgeries to eradicate the symptoms and the disease from the body. Some alternative branches of treating diseases that have existed from pre-historic times like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, etc. have slowly started being accepted by masses today. Even scientists and medical researchers today have realized the importance of using natural substances to heal a patient. Over the years it has been proved that the conventional medicines, even though they provide relief to patients from chronic diseases and illness, the medication and treatment leaves behind distressful and powerful side-effects.

Many doctors today are moving towards alternative approaches where conventional treatments are being integrated with alternative methods to achieve the best results. One of the integrative forms of treatment is the branch of functional medicine. Experts like Dr. Jonathan Spages who have revolutionized the practice of functional medicine believe in treating a patient holistically focusing on his mind, body, spirit and even his environment to promote overall health and well-being of the person.

The Epitome of Treating Patients

Functional medicine experts like Dr. Spages systematically analyze to identify the root cause behind the disease rather than simply focusing on the symptoms that have led the patient to come to his clinic. The purpose is to innately and naturally heal the issue rather than use medicines that would leave a trail of side-effects behind.

Conventional medication has proved to be of immense help in treating acute illness and diseases especially the ones that need urgent care like heart attacks and strokes. But when it comes to diseases that are long-lasting and have recurring symptoms, conventional medication only helps in curbing the symptoms but does not do much to address the cause of the symptoms. Issues like fatigues, skin diseases, consistent pain, bloating, indigestion and other such issues are treated to control the tip of the problem but do not go beyond.

This is where functional medicine and licensed doctors like Dr. Jonathan Spages come to help. These are people who seek to first find out the underlying cause by studying the patient’s medical history, understanding his diet and lifestyle, going in-depth into his genetic makeup and then devise personalized treatment solutions to address the cause. Functional medicine believes that once the root cause is addressed properly the body will naturally heal to eliminate the disease from the physical being. Using non-invasive methods and supplements that leave no scars or side-effects, the treatment is individualized as per the needs of the patient and his unique problem. The reasoning is that the physical body is not made up of separate units, rather it is a completely entity where the units are interconnected with each other.

One of the best things about Dr. Spages’ treatment methods is that he uses latest techniques to treat his patients. From diagnostic testing to preparing a personalized treatment plan, the aim is to make use of modern technology to arrive at an optimal solution.

In order to achieve maximum success rate, he ensures that his patients are well-informed about their condition and the treatment, spending ample time with them so that the healing process can be most effective. The method of treatment is to advise dietary changes, modifications in lifestyle, advise methods that heal naturally and provide supplements. When need be, he prescribes conventional medication too along with these with the objective to help the patient regain his intrinsic health.

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