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Dr. Jonathan Spages is an expert in functional medicines and treatments. He has been serving as an owner Physical Medicine in New Jersey since 2013 and also owning Integrated Health Center of New Jersey from March 2000. Although he moved to Marietta, Georgia, his current city and hometown are still in Paterson, New Jersey. He also served as President of the Pierce Results System Club there. He has become the official Chiropractor of Nets basketball in 2006 and the official sponsor in Paterson, NJ. His team of doctors, nutrition experts, chiropractors & massage therapists work together to help and guide the patients to have healthier lifestyle choices and achieve a higher level of wellness.

Dr. Spages has been practicing on wellness treatments for 19 years, and during the first years of his practice, he acquired various cultural researches in El Salvador and Thailand and also started attending terminally ill patients in NYC. He helped the workers injured during the disaster of the World Trade Center, held in 9/11, with his specific spine and muscle treatments, to recover faster from their problems.

Dr. Jonathan Spages has received his Doctorate at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He lives with his family of wife and three kids in Paterson, New Jersey. He likes to keep up his education, and for this purpose, he attends various health and wellness conferences through our country. He believes that learning should be the prime objective to everyone if he/she is willing to go with the technological advancement and stay following the updated techniques, irrespective of fields.

He loves to educate himself as much as possible and thereby tries to revolutionize the age-old medicinal treatment procedures. He thus introduces the most advanced therapies and diagnostics to stay at the forefront of the latest health and welfare techniques.

Along with his patients, Dr. Spages also takes care of his health. For him, only a healthy doctor can provide his/her patient the best health solutions that are beneficial to them. He, for this purpose, practices many exercises and healthily leads his life. He also runs his specialized labs to improve his health. These practices allow him to stay fit even in his busy schedule of personal as well as professional purposes. For his outstanding achievements in the field of functional medicine or alternative medicines, various other physiological, hormonal and biochemical irregularities associated with type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism and other chronic diseases caused by weight gain problems, he has made multiple television appearances and radio interviews. He is also a prominent lecturer in a renowned university in Georgia. He loves to educate, inspire and help others to understand the importance of leading healthier lifestyles and thereby encourage them by providing with the easiest ways to stay healthy. He also aims at helping his community on natural approaches to health.

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